Blue ocean of digitisation

Since early 1990 we explore, analyze and implement digital tools, algos and content for media and communication

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Driven by Visionary Publishing

Web dev

Project management and development
of unique business models and cases.

Coding projects

Advanced development and assembling
of artificial intelligence solutions for your business.

Content providing

Highly professional creating and marketing
of user-oriented content, i.e. text, graphics, social content, podcasts and videos.

Communications consulting

C-level consulting to all issues
of your business‘ external and internal communication.

Our Service in brief

Messages that suits to your audience and customers – news with utility and added values.

Defining your targets in external & internal communication with guarantee for implementation.

Reaching new heights and horizons of your markets with pacesetting change management.

Set sail on the blue ocean of business

„Since 1997, we focus on efficient digital publishing strategies
dedicated to user-oriented and data-driven business results.“

Carsten Hennig – Owner, Digital Evangelists