Juli 6, 2021

Check out the digitalization of essential processes in the catering industry

As part of my work as a digital evangelist, I have the privilege of supporting the Hamburg-based company ComfNet Solution.

I would like to win you over for the innovative gastronomy solution QRestro:

  • A complete system for digital ordering and payment
  • Free of charge for you in the pilot project phase (8 weeks or individually agreed)
  • Technical and conceptual support by the ComfNet team and me
  • Joint analysis and evaluation

The digitalization of essential processes in the catering industry is more than appropriate.
Ordering and payment are reduced to a few clicks by the guest.

There is much more time for production and service quality, e.g. upselling.

Of course, several such systems are present in the market. With „QRestro“, an interesting opportunity opens up to test this extensively!

Is it interesting?
Please contact me – ch@digitalevangelists.de, +49 176 50326719, +49 40 414311692

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